• AX is the flagship product in the Dynamics package – the Microsoft Business Solutions software package. The Dynamics AX 2009 system is targeted at the medium – large customers market. The package is designed for 50-3000 full user customers.
  • During the month of November 2009, Microsoft officially announced the distribution of this software in Israel. Preparations continued for about a year and a half and included software adjustments to Israeli tax laws and operation in Hebrew.
  • Additional information about the software can be found on the “Maximum” website, the AX distributor in Israel.
  • The Dynamics AX system currently has more than 11,000 users.
  • The Dynamics AX system is a complete and comprehensive ERP solution.The system includes more than 30 basic modules and a wide range of additional ones. For details on the modules, see below.
  • Additional details can be found on the Microsoft website at: